Buy Bulk Organic Foods From Wholesalers and Save Big Bucks!

There is one major lesson when it comes to buying bulk organic foods. When you first make the switch to organic foods you are often overwhelmed with the increase in price and availability. These two things alone are enough to keep you heading back toward convention goods. The one thing that continues to make any food more expensive is the markup for convenience and single size portions. Buying in bulk was the only way you use to be able to buy goods pre the industrial revolution. It again became popular in the sixties and seventies and has again become more popular with stores such as Costco. Big name stores like this are still not considered bulk. They use this concept, but there is an even cheaper way to make sure your bulk shopping saves you the most amount of money and Eco footprint.

Buying Wholesale

When you buy wholesale you are cutting out the retailer in the shopping equation. Most retailers will be purchasing their products from a wholesaler or distribution center and dividing portions up in their own packaging. This makes it possible for them to take smaller portions of what they bought and put a higher price tag on it. Mostly you are paying for the labor and packaging for them to put it together for you in smaller amounts. When you buy wholesale, you go directly to the suppler or the distribution center and buy in bulk. This means you buy way larger amounts, that are not branded, and have to do the labor yourself of making it into useable amounts. The wholesaler will sell to the public if there is enough interest in the community and if an individual is willing to buy as much as some retailers. By purchasing dry organic oats wholesale, you might save the difference of buying conventional oats at a retailer. Buying bulk organic foods wholesale could save you from going back to cheaper priced conventional goods.

Fresh Organic Bulk

When buying organic dry goods from natural food wholesalers often you will notice the price being cheaper per pound because these items have a longer shelf life. This has a huge impact on price. Much of the organic dry goods wholesale will be even cheaper than conventional retail. This will motivate you to stay on the organic path. When you are looking at fresh foods such as vegetables and fruit, the price in retail seems drastically more expensive. It can be difficult in more rural areas, but if you can find a fresh vegetables and fruit wholesaler you will be shocked at how much you can save. Naturally these items will cost more per pound because the shelf life is so much shorter. Even is a wholesaler advertises that they do not sell to the public, it can be helpful to go in person and ask a few questions. Once they know you will be a loyal customer and consistent, they will often make exceptions to the rule.

Ways to Work with Wholesalers

Another great way to convince natural food wholesalers to work with you is to gather other individuals who are looking to save on organics and go in as a collective order. This way you will easily be able to hit the quotas for amounts bought. If you are a part of a neighborhood, community organization, church, or other group, this is a great way to build the organic community in your area. Another way is to work through your local CSA. First these groups will look to order from local farms first. Their aim is to supply local fresh food to the community through memberships. Through this channel you can express interest in the CSA organizing a bulk dry goods order that can be included in the weekly or monthly fresh deliveries.

The last tip when communicating with natural food wholesalers is making sure they know your intentions to keep business local, natural and organic, and that you and your community will become consistent buyers.