In your pantry, you probably have a few different cooking oils, but you probably opt for olive oil more often than you do for anything. Olive oil is not only a better alternative than most, but it’s much more flexible. For sautéing, combining salad dressings and marinades, drizzling over cooked vegetables or noodles, and even as a bread sauce, you can use it. If you regularly use olive oil, it helps to have it in a bottle that’s convenient to catch and pour. An olive oil dispenser can keep the oil fresher longer, too, so you’re sure to get the best flavor for all your recipes.

Our shopping guide is chock-full of advice to help you pick your

kitchen’s perfect olive oil dispenser. We’ve also added a range of unique product suggestions, such as Rachael Ray’s top pick, which has a chic contemporary look and can accommodate up to 24 ounces of oil.

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The best sprayer for olive oil is while you are using a skillet. The amount of fat that ends up in your dish can be minimized by pouring oil on a skillet.

However, when you are eating a salad, you may even want to use the sprayer. This will assist in giving some flavour to the salad.

Considerations when choosing dispensers of olive oil


In a few different types, olive oil dispensers are available:

Olive oil crustaceans are simple bottles with a metal spout. In general, the spout has a curve or bend to allow the oil to flow more easily from the container.

Bottle stopper pourers are a topper of cork or screw that can rest on top of the preferred bottle. That means you can add one to the bottle that comes in for better pouring of your olive oil or put oil from a larger bottle into a smaller pouring pot.

Bottles that have a mist-like sprayer-top are olive oil sprayers. They work well for gently misting foods or greasing pans with oil, but when you need larger quantities of olive oil, they are not as successful.


In a number of sizes, olive oil dispensers are available, so you should not have trouble finding an alternative that fits your needs. The majority of dispensers range in size from six to 24 ounces, but the average model contains 17 to 19 ounces of olive oil. Usually, the smallest dispensers are olive oil sprayers, and they are meant to disperse small volumes of oil.


Usually, olive oil dispensers are made out of glass, stainless steel, or ceramic. Based on its look, you can pick a material, but there’s a disparity in how well each material can preserve the oil’s freshness. That’s how the oil can be oxidized by light and heat and change its taste.

Stainless steel and ceramic prevent all the light from reaching the oil, so that its freshness can be preserved. If you prefer the look a glass dispenser, choose a dark-tinted model that blocks the light more effectively than clear glass.

Drip-free spout

Any time you pour some olive oil, you do not want to get a mess on your side, so go for a dispenser with a dripless spout. When you pour and drip down the bottle afterward, it will keep the oil from falling on your fingers, too.


Oxygen is capable of destroying olive oil, so restricting its air exposure is critical. To make sure that no air gets inside while you’re not drinking from the bottle, pick a dispenser that has a cap or lid. Some bottles do have a hinged lid that protects you from removing the cap permanently.