7 Sushi Rice Substitutes to Try Now

We will show you 7 alternatives to sushi rice today! Sushi rice is a popular part of sushi. Some people want a change. While sushi rice may be a delicious treat, it is not suitable for everyone.

You don’t have to worry about which one you prefer. One or two of 7 different sushi rice alternatives we’ll show you today might help. Let’s not wait any longer!

What is Sushi Rice?

Let’s first define sushi rice before we move on. We can then ensure that we are on the exact same page.

Sushi rice can be seasoned, short- or medium-grain. White Japanese rice is often used to make this type of rice. Many people assume that Japanese white rice is used for sushi rice.

However, this is not true. You could argue that sushi rice can be processed rice, or even a dish. You would assume that sushi rice could be made from any type of rice.

This fact has been taken into consideration when compiling this list. To be discussed today, sushi rice will refer to short-grain or medium-grain white Rice. You can also expect other types of rice to be included in the list.

That’s it! We now need to learn about the sushi rice alternatives!

Other rice

White rice is not something you want to eat, but there are many other varieties of rice that you can choose from. Let’s first discuss these options.

1. Brown Rice

Brown rice is not the best choice as it can be difficult to cook and doesn’t match well with sushi. If you’re looking for a healthier substitute, brown rice is worth considering.

Remember that your preferences and needs will dictate the final outcome. Brown rice might not be the best choice for you, even though many people don’t like it.

If you want to substitute white rice for brown rice, you may need to make some adjustments. You might need to modify the cooking method or the sushi-zu depending on your preference.

2. Black Rice

You can use black rice (also known as forbidden rice). But don’t worry! You don’t need to be scared to use it in your sushi, despite its name!

Although black rice is not a popular choice for sushi, it has tons of health benefits. Black rice is well-known for its ability to prevent cancer.

The rice is also very sweet. You might reduce or eliminate the sugar if you choose to use black rice. You can also cook it in the same way as sushi rice.

3. Red Rice

Are you not interested in white, brown, and black rice? You might be interested in red rice.

It also has good qualities, just like all other varieties of rice. Because of its color, it is easy to see that it produces RCB for your body.

Red rice is a good choice, but you should remember that it can be cooked differently than white rice.

This recipe from Not Quite Nigella will teach you how to make sushi with red rice.

Other rice options

These are white rice so we won’t go into detail. These are often listed as sushi substitutes. These might be a good alternative if you don’t like the above.

  • Pudding Rice
  • Milk Rice
  • Arborio

Don’t be discouraged if none of these catch your attention. Continue reading! There are many more.

Other Grains

We might be able to help you with other grains if you don’t want to eat rice.

4. Quinoa

Quinoa is another healthy option you might consider. Although it might not be the most appealing substitute, it is an excellent choice for many other reasons.

It is healthy, and we’ve already mentioned it. It is a great choice for people with diabetes. It can reduce the risk of developing diabetes and help you control your blood sugar.

Another reason is that it tastes, textures, and consistency are very similar to rice. This one will be easy to handle.

How to make sushi with quinoa This video might be of interest to you:

5. Couscous

Are you not a fan of rice? Perhaps you prefer pasta. You might consider couscous in this case. Although it might look like pasta, this one looks very much like rice.

It is pasta so you will need to cook it differently than rice.

Alternative Substitutes

You can also choose not to have any grains in your sushi. You might consider our two last options if that is you!

6. Cauliflower

Are you following a ketogenic diet? You might consider using cauliflower in place of the keto diet.

You might already know of some sushi recipes that use cauliflower as a substitute for sushi rice. However, you might have noticed that cauliflower is sometimes called cauliflower rice.

You don’t need to worry if you want to avoid rice. It is not rice, despite its name. It is grated cauliflower.

Cauliflower may look similar to rice, but it isn’t rice. They are not the same in every way. You might add some sugar to your sushi-zu, as cauliflower isn’t sticky.

Honey might be a good alternative. It is important to remember that cauliflower doesn’t expand like rice and you will need to cook more cauliflower if it is to be used.

Premade cauliflower rice can be purchased, but you can also make your own. Love and Lemons has a tutorial on how to make cauliflower rice.

However, cauliflower is a good choice if you’re looking for a healthier option.

7. No Rice

None of these ideas piqued your interest? Fear not! Here’s another suggestion. You can make sushi without rice if you don’t like sushi rice.

You might now wonder: Is that possible? Yes!

There are many kinds and types of sushi. There are many types of sushi. They are mainly made of rice, however, this is a tradition.

It is not common to see sushi without rice. Although it might seem different, sushi can be made without rice.

Although sushi is just recently becoming more popular in the US, it has been around for many years.

Over the years, many inventions and new versions of the original recipe have been made. Many sushi recipes today don’t even require rice.

How to make sushi without rice?

You might now be curious how. You can do it in many ways, but this is the best way.

You can skip the rice in a Nigiri or Chirashi but you will end up with a totally different dish. It would be sashimi. It is delicious, but it is not sushi.

Skip rice is the easiest way to make sushi. This keto sushi roll from Wholesome Yum is an example.

You can make sushi healthier by changing the wrap. The rice doesn’t have to be omitted. You can, for example, change the nori to shiso leaves and/or cucumber strips.

Here are some things to keep in mind when using these sushi rice substitutes

Let us give you a few tips before making sushi without sushi rice.

You need to remember that these substitutes can’t be cooked the same as sushi rice. You will need to adjust some things in order to achieve the same taste, consistency, texture, and texture as sushi rice.

As we said, sushi-zu is what makes rice sushi rice. You might need to first look at your sushizu before making any adjustments.


That’s it! We’ve covered 7 alternatives to sushi rice today!

We began by discussing what sushi rice actually is. We learned that sushi rice is more a process than a rice type.

We also discovered that sushi rice is often associated with white rice. (Which was also noted. We also listed other options for rice.

We then listed the different types of rice, grains, and other unique options that you can choose to skip rice.

We are glad we could help you today! If you have any questions or concerns about sushi, please visit us again!

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