Some of the differences between beef jerky and Biltong

Although raw dried and dried both are sometimes mistaken for the same delicious beef sandwich, the two take-out meals are quite different. Because the meat is dried, the preservation time is long, and the demand is enormous. Biltong is a South African delicacy native to North America and Latin America. Biltong relies on a simple natural flavor, while beef jerky has various flavors, requiring sauces and high sugar and salt flavors. Between jerky and biltong, biltong is healthier and contains more protein per mouth due to its low water and sugar content.

What is Biltong?

Biltong is as meat like a beef jerky sandwich. In its production process, including beef, game meat, and meat chunk has various types of meat are used. Dry broth contains the most common ingredients:

  • Meat (the most common veal)
  • Black pepper
  • Coriander
  • Salt
  • Vinegar

Although it may seem nearly comparable to the chicken, you will find out later in this post that there are different types of taste, manufacturing, and ingredients.


However, different cuts are used for each ingredient, and the main ingredients are dried meat and dried patties. Biltong offers more variety, while beef jerky always is made of thin cuts. Depending on the desired texture, raw meat can be lean or fatty. Dried meat needs to be dried and marinated with vinegar, salt, and simple spices. Dried meat is marinated with spices and sauces and dried without tins.

Texture and taste:

Although the overall taste of jerky and biltong patties depends on the taste. The curing process required for dried meat usually transfers the slight acidity in the vinegar to the final product. The drying process also shares the taste of jerky and dry broth, leaving the two claws with a unique meaty taste and a lingering smoky taste. These drying processes also change the texture of the meat. The result is a firmer steak-like texture because of its relatively low-fat content. On the other hand, Biltong offers you different textures depends on the fat content of the cut. The big cheese is dry and cold, while the rich cheese is soft and chewy.

Manufacturing process:

In the manufacturing process, heat is an important differentiating factor. Is hot or dried meat dried and air-dried? Marinated meat is chopped on a low-temperature grid to dry and cook slowly. Biltong is Marinated and dried for 24 hours, and then the hooks are air-dried for a week. It is left in the thicker part and dried thoroughly before being cut to the required size. Do you want to tear down your meatloaf at home? You can find the perfect recipe here.