Traditional Bulgarian food

The traditional Bulgarian food is famous all over the world due to special Bulgarian cheese, yogurt, and vegetables used in it. So, some very popular Bulgarian food which must be tried once are as follows-

  1. Shopska salad

This salad is a combination of onions, pepper, tomatoes, cucumber, and cheese. This is one of the best and most popular starters in Bulgaria. It is often being said that the colors of the salad match with the Bulgarian flag.

  1. Tarator soup

This is a cold soup, which is made up of yogurt, cucumber, olive oil, garlic, and dill. By hearing the ingredients you must think that the taste of the soup would be weird. But shockingly, it’s the tastiest soup ever. There will not be even a single restaurant in Bulgaria which will not have Tarator soup on its menu.

  1. Chushka Burek

This dish is made up of fried peppers, which are stuffed with egg and white cheese. This dish has a gravy of tomato sauce and served in an iron pan. Red peppers are used to make this dish. But if you are a non-vegetarian then, instead of eggs you can get peppers stuffed with minced meat.

  1. Baklava

Baklava is a pastry dessert and is made up of various layers. The layers are filled with chopped walnuts and held together with honey.

  1. Banitsa

It is eaten as a dessert, but Bulgarians usually eat it at breakfast. It is a sweet pastry with layers and buttered phyllo dough. The layers can be filled with different fillings like eggs, spinach, yogurt, sweet milk, etc.

  1. Garnish cake

This dessert is a walnut chocolate cake consisting of five layers. These layers are made up of eggs, walnuts, and sugar. Each layer is baked and after cooling them, they are put together on top of each other and covered with chocolate cream. Although this dessert is not as popular as baklava and banitsa in Bulgaria.

  1. Bulgarian pancakes

For preparing the pancakes, a dough of eggs, milk, flour, and salt is prepared and then, it is fried in butter. The filings in the pancakes can be according to your preference.

  1. Madradjisko

It is the most delicious dish ever. This dish is served in a clay pot in which the bottom layer is of fried onions and peppers. After that, there is a thick layer of Bulgarian cheese and the top layer is made up of eggs.

  1. Musaka

The musaka is made up of potatoes, eggs, and minced pork meat. It is always said in Bulgaria as a joke that if a man could not make musaka then, he cannot marry a woman.

  1. Lyutenitsa

This dish is commonly known as Ajvar. This is a sweet, tangy, spicy tomato sauce that is used as a topping, spread or as a sauce in many dishes. This dish is the most traditional food in Bulgaria and is usually prepared at home and sold in jars.

So this was all about some of the traditional Bulgarian food.