Importance of Keto Diet Plan in Weight Loss

When you think about weight loss, one of the strategies that come to mind is ketosis. Ketosis is a strategy that is widely used by people to shed excess weight and reclaim healthier versions of their bodies. Ketosis has been identified as a perfect strategy for most people to lose weight and manage different health conditions such as type 2 diabetes and cognitive decline. If you decide to board the ketosis wagon, you should learn about the most appropriate Keto diet plan for your body. The plan helps you reach your desired body goals by adhering to the procedures and meal times.

The Basics of a Keto Diet Plan

The most basic rule in a Keto diet is that it must be very low on carbs. You are required to reduce your carb intake to 20 to 50 grams a day. There are looser versions of the diet that can be modified depending on your needs. For instance, if you are a beginner or have a limiting health condition, the Keto diet plan can be customized to your needs. The Keto diet plan requires that fats become the main source of calories, followed by proteins. The body is forced to use ketones from the liver as an alternative source of body energy. Keto reduces your appetite and improves satiety, which is important in your weight loss journey.

Keto-Friendly Foods

Some of the foods you should include in your Keto diet plan are pastured organic eggs, poultry meat, fatty fish, meat, and full-fat cheese such as cheddar, mozzarella, brie, goat cheese, and cream cheese. Other foods include full-fat dairy, meat, edible nuts and seeds, nut butter, healthy fats such as coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil,sesame oil, avocados, and non-starchy vegetables such as greens, broccoli, tomatoes, and mushrooms. You should also include condiments such as salt, pepper, vinegar, and lemon juice in your diet.

Foods to Avoid in Keto

If you want to achieve the best results from your ketosis, you should avoid bread and baked goods. These include white bread, whole wheat bread, crackers, cookies, and doughnuts. You should also avoid sweets and sugary foods, sweetened beverages, pasts, grains and grain products, starchy vegetables, beans and legumes, fruits such as citrus, grapes, and pineapples. Avoid high carb sauces such as barbeque sauce, sugary salad dressings, and alcoholic beverages such as beer.


Ketosis is one of the most embraced formulas of weight loss. If you embrace ketosis as your preferred weight loss strategy, you must adhere to the Keto diet plan that is most appropriate for your body’s needs. Strict adherence to the plan will guarantee you exemplary results in your weight loss journey.